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Building Stronger Social Media Communities: Introducing Kigali Meet and Greet

18 August 2018 - Meetup - , ,

We have listened to lots of feedback from our past social media events, and recent inquiries regarding a new meetup, and finally we feel the need to put ideas into action.

Here are a few updates:

  1. There is a new name for the event: Kigali Meet and Greet. We previously called it Kigali Tweet and Greet (KGLTG) because the original idea was to bring together the Rwandan Twitter community. But after so many consultations and much thinking, we have come to understand the importance of making the platform even relevant to other communities, most especially users of other majors social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. The new brand is inclusive and we look forward to meeting all social media enthusiasts, learn their stories, and build relationships.
  2. The event remains open, community-driven. The inaugural event that took place back in December 2015 and it was a success. Afterwards, we hosted three other smaller editions which explored topics of journalism, media and content, storytelling, and youth and startup entrepreneurship. It remains a community event and we look forward to engaging more people to make sure it grows and serves the best purposes.
  3. We’re working to organise the very first meet-up, under the new name. It’s been a while since either tweeters or other social media communities met here in Kigali. We have launched a survey form to help collect ideas. Be sure to contribute.

Check out the following videos to review some of our previous events.

The young entrepreneurs edition, October 2016 at Ubumwe Grande Hotel:

A brief preview of the inaugural event, December 2015 in the Car-free Zone:

If you’d live to volunteer or partner with us to make the upcoming events a success, please do not hesitate to contact us via anytime.

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